A Conversation About Gender & Sexuality | Essence of A Woman

Last week we said a man reflects God to the world by remembering what’s important and moving to make a difference. 

This was developed from the words Zakar and Arsen, used in Scripture. 


  • Neqevah - to invite relationally

  • ezer kenegdo - to come along side in strength (same words used of God through OT

  • A women reflects God to the world by inviting and nourishing life-giving connection with others and offering strength.

Angie, what do you think of these two things: 

  • Core fear: Women: to be rejected; to be inadequate

  • Core desire to be noticed & known

As a man, I need to better understand your world and what it looks like to live as a women in society. 

    • Men, what do you do to protect yourself from women regularly?

    • Women, what do you do to protect yourself from men regularly?


You worked right out of college in ministry. Tell us what it’s been like working as a women in a predominantly male environment. 

You are now 37.... knowing what you know now, what would you tell your college self? 

- What would you tell your single, 25 year old self? (Your relationship with the Lord will look different with each season and that is okay, Topsy Keenan - no soul mate) 

  • There is so much emphasis and pressure on men and women to find the right person and get married. So much focus is put on being in a relationship instead of being the kind of person you would want to be in a marriage.

  • How can a women stand confidently, with self respect on her own? (with out being connected to a man/other)

      • Modesty

      • Purity

      • Community

You’ve worked with women for the last decade in a variety of different contexts:

  • What are the most destructive things women do to one another?

      • Negative self talk, competition, sabotaging community by manipulation or with a boyfriend, cutting one another down/gossip, giving our opinion without being asked

  • Healthy

      • build one another up, encourage each other, challenge, positive self talk, stop talking and listen.

      • Jen Hatmaker quote

  • What are a few things you want young women to know?

      • Identity/knowing who you are above all things

      • Healthy boundaries in relationships: physically & emotionally, what you allow others to speak over you.

Sit with the same core questions as men at the end.... 

  1. What is God like? - How are you engaging God on an intimate level?

  2. What story am I in? - Are you living in a way that is inviting, nourishing, and offering strength or closed off, sad,

  3. Who am I? - Where are finding your identity and value from?

  4. What is my frontier? - How is God captivating, nourishing and maturing you?

Laura Furman