Give Adam or Laura a call to let them know you are interested in learning more about joining Sozo Ministry Team so they can look for your application (step two).


We have a standard application that we ask all of our potential volunteers to fill out. We do this so that we can get to know you a little better and have an understanding of your values and background. We will also run a background check from the information you give us. This is done for volunteers at Oak Pointe Church, so that we can make sure we are putting everyone in the safest possible situation. Ask for an application if you don’t have one.


Read this whole page. Reading the information in here will help you to see exactly what it is that you are stepping into as a member of Ministry Team. We will share answers to frequently asked questions, expectations, qualifications, commitment level, and our ministry philosophy.


To ensure everyone is serving to the best of their ability, we find it invaluable to know your spiritual gifting and enneagram number. You can find the spiritual gifts test at

After you have taken your spiritual gifts test and sent your results to Adam or Laura, we will give you a code to take a full enneagram assessment.

Step five: VISIT

Come out and visit us on a Sunday at Sozo to see what we’re all about. Make sure to let Adam or Laura know when you’re going to be there so we can welcome you and introduce you to some of our team. Sozo officially starts at 7:00 and ends around 9:00, but you are invited to join us for prayer at 6:20 in the atrium. At the end of the night, if you still love us, you will continue onto the next step.

Step six: meet

This is an opportunity for you to sit down with Adam and Laura and give us the chance to get to know you more. We want to know about your character, chemistry, competency, and conviction. We will ask you questions about your journey and you can ask us any questions you have about Sozo and ministry team.

Assuming at the end of all this, you feel that Sozo is a good fit for your ministry style and we feel that you would be an asset to the team, we will bring you on board!


What does a normal week look like at Sozo?

People start arriving around 7:00 and usually play corn hole outside or socialize in the atrium and student center. Around 7:20 we gather into the student center for worship. After worship, we have a message followed by any announcements. You will usually find us in the middle of a series that will last anywhere from 3-8 weeks. Around 9:00 we break and everyone disperses to catch up with friends, enjoy some snacks, or play basketball in the gym.

What do sozo life groups look like?

We have life groups meet during the week throughout the Metro Detroit Area. Groups are free to choose their own studies and content, ranging from Sunday morning messages to intensive spiritual training. We want to support our leaders in the style of study that works best for their group. Life groups are the most impactful element of our ministry. This is the time where lasting relationships are formed and where people truly experience the love of Jesus.

How many hours a week does it take to be on ministry team?

At a very minimum, your commitment is going to average about three to four hours a week. We meet every Sunday, year-round, from 7:00-9:00 (as well as prayer at 6:20). As a coach, you will have three additional monthly commitments. We gather as a full ministry team on the first Monday of every month for Family Dinner and training (6-9pm). This time is absolutely crucial to the cohesion of our team. We also have coaches training on the third Sunday of every month to check in and develop as leaders (5-6:30pm). Finally, you will be expected to meet with your leaders (1-4 people) each month for coaching. There are also retreats, mission trips, and various events throughout the year that we encourage you to attend.

Can I work in sozo without being a Coach?

If you are over 30 and want to be involved in Sozo, we ask that you serve in a coaching role. If you feel that being a coach at Sozo isn’t the right fit for you, we’d love to connect you with a community pastor to find an adult life group that is a better fit.

what if i have to miss a Sunday or event?

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and we are ready to handle those times. The key is communicating and letting leadership know when you are going to be late or miss a night. 

How long of a commitment am I making?

All we ask is that you make a year-to-year commitment. At the end of each spring, we ask which staff members will commit to the next year. The reality of ministry is that the longer you stay in it, the more effective you will become.


First things first:

• Sozo is all about knowing Jesus and making Him known. We do this by equipping and unleashing young adults to be Kingdom leaders.
• As a Coach your job is to encourage and challenge your leaders (Life Group & Serve Team) to know Jesus and make Him known through the context of their Life Group/Serve Team.

To accomplish the mission, a Coach must be:

1. Committed

This looks like:
• You come to Sozo each week.
• You meet with your life group/serve team leaders monthly.
• You attend Family Dinners - 6pm the 1st Monday of each month.
• You attend Coaches Dinner the 3rd Sunday of each month - 5pm at Oak Pointe

2. Growing

This looks like:
• You encounter God daily (Silence - Word - Meditation - Prayer, etc.) • You participate in a life group to be challenged and encouraged.

3. Prayerful

This looks like:
• You pray for and with your LG/ST leaders regularly.

4. Missional

This looks like:
• You help your LG/ST leader see how they can serve the community each quarter.
• You intentionally live out B.E.L.L.S. in the your life. (from Surprise the World by Michael Frost)

5. Multiplying

This looks like:
• You intentionally look for others who have potential to be a great Coach.
• You work with your LG/ST leaders to apprentice new leaders in their group.

Living out these 5 values are essential to your influence as a Coach.
Not being able to live these in a committed way will hinder your influence and effectiveness on the team.